Free Sweet Heart Cafe Curtain pattern
Free Sweet Heart Cafe Curtain pattern
Dresses for Doily & Me
Dresses for Doily & Me
Granny Bears Crochet Hints
Free Sweet Heart Cafe Curtain

Starching Crochet:
To starch thread crochet things use liquid starch, mix it with 1/2 water and put it into a spray
bottle. This solution makes a nice stiffness to most thread crochet projects. (the liquid starch,
is better because you can control the stiffness of your crochet by the amount of water you add
to the starch solution). Use a flannel sheet to lay crochet on, because the flannel grips to the
crochet and helps hold it in place, this way it doesn't take very little, if any pinning. I spray
the crochet with the starch solution, until very damp and then I lay it on the flannel sheet and
press with fingers from the center out on the project. Then I wait for it to dry.

Use rust proof pins for pinning crochet. Have you ever stored your crochet and found little
rust spot on it ruining it and wondered where they came from, they come from little slivers of
metal that comes off the pins onto the crochet and then the slivers of metal rust onto your
crochet while its being stored.

Crochet Terms in Six Languages
This link give Crochet Terms in Six Languages I have found it is a very helpful link if  you are not a english speaking crocheter
Kitty Talk Doily
Kitty Talk Doily
If you have any crochet hints that you would like to share with the readers of this website.  Please email them to me.  I would love hearing them and sharing them with out readers

Grannies Favorite Designs are Pineapples

This motif has stood the test of time and still remains an  all time favorite of crocheters.  It is amazing the unending designs that can be created with the versatal pineapple motif

Free Red Ruby Snowflake Pattern

When I was a child there were some special Grandmothers, who were a source of inspiration, for my life.  This page is representative of those special ladies.   

 This page has crochet hints, How to crochet information and links for instruction for crochet stitches. 

I am also offering a free pattern, It is called The Sweet Heart Crochet Cafe Curtain Pattern . To receive this free pattern email just email me and I will send it to you.

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I create my own crochet project for your enjoyment. 

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