Crochet Abbreviations
beg = begin(ning)
BL(s) = back loop(s)
Bpdc = back post double crochet(s)
ch(s) = chain(s)
CL(s) = cluster(s)
dc = double crochet(s)
dec = decrease(-ing)
dtrc = double tripple crochet(sc)
Fig = figure
FL(s) = front loop(s)
FP dc = front post double crochet(s)
hdc = half double crochet(s)
lp(s) = loop(s)
patt= pattern
prev = previous
rem = remain(ing)
rep = repeat(ing)
rnd(s) = round(s)
sc = single crochet(s)
sk = skip
sl st(s) = slip stitch(es)
sp(s) = space(s)
st(s) = stitches
tog = together
trc = tripple crochet(s)
YO(s) = Yarn over(s)

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Links of Where to
 Find Crochet Stitches
and Techniques

Each how-to is
by Sandi Marshall
and has step-by-step photos or
includes diagrams.

Stitch or Technique
Click on each title to go to that
how to:

Afghan Stitch Decrease

Afghan Stitch Increase

Asterisk (*) In Pattern Directions

Back Loop Only

Beaded Crochet

Blanket Stitch For Edging

Brick Stitch How-To

Bullion Stitch

Butterfly Stitch


Changing Colors in Crochet

Changing Colors
How-To (Photos)

Changing Colors:
Hints (Photos)

Changing Colors in
Double Crochet

Circle, Basic
(With Open Center)

Circle, Basic
(With Solid Center)

Cluster Edging
Photo How-to

Cluster Stitch (2 DC)

Cluster Stitch (4 DC)

Crazy Shell

Crochet Around
Closed Circle

Crocheted Beads

Crochet In A Chain Space

Crochet In Fabric Edge

Cross-over Shell Stitch

Cross-Stitch on
Single Crochet

Cross Trebles

dc in chain 1 space

dc in ch-1 (another photo)


Diagonal Shell

Double Crochet (dc)

Draw Up A Loop

Embroidery, Lazy Daisy

End Off; Fasten Off

Fabric Strips, Preparing

Filet Crochet Basics

Filet Crochet - 3-dc Mesh

Filet Crochet Chart:
Starting Chain Formula

Filet Crochet; Increasing


Front Loop Only

Half Circles

Half Double Crochet (hdc)

Hexagon Shape Granny Motif

Hook Size For Thread Size

Joining Crochet Pieces

Knot Stitch (Lovers', Solomon's)

Lacet, Stitches Above How-To

Long Single Crochet

Marguerite (Star)

Moss Stitch

Multiple Of (Starting Chain)

Oval Shape

(Parenthesis) In Pattern


Pineapple Motif (Basic)

Pineapple Stitch (1917)

Popcorn Stitch

Post of a dc - What is it?

Post Stitches (Front/Back Post)

Reverse Single Crochet

Rick Rack, Crocheting On

Roll Stitch

Ruffling Basics

sc 2 sts tog

sc around dc post

Shell Stitches

Single Crochet (sc)

Skip A Stitch

Slip Knot

Slip Stitch

Solid Shell Stitch

Star Filet

Star (Marguerite)

Star Stitch 2nd Row

Starting Chain

Towel Topper, How to
Join Crochet To Towel

Treble Stitches

Treble Treble, Triple Treble

Triton Shell (My Version)


Weaving in Ends


Chain = ch:

Single Crochet = sc:

Half Double Crochet = hdc:

Double Crochet = dc:

Triple Crochet = trc:

Slip Stitch = sl st:

Picot (p) :

Block (bl) and Space (sp) :

Knot Stitch:

Cross Stitch:

Popcorn Stitch (pc st):

How to Crochet

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